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Security is our priority. Your DNA and data always stay in Canada.


Pursuing ISO 15189 Certification.




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The Discovery DNA Care Fund helps families in need. Families who have children in an intensive care unit,
anywhere in Canada, can find out whether a rare genetic disease may be a cause of their illness.
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Discovery DNA is looking for donors to fund exome sequencing for those children at no cost to the family.

Discovery DNA reads 20,000 regions of DNA code or genes, that are linked to human growth, development and unfortunately, sometimes disease.

In aggregate these areas are called an “exome” which typically provide 100 times more detail for the entire gene rather than small regions of the gene that typical ancestry-type tests capture.

All the steps in the Discovery DNA process are secure. Your DNA and data always stay in Canada and we will never sell your DNA sequence to anyone.

The lab is now pending ISO 15189 certification, so you can be sure that your sample is handled according to industry standards.

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